Characteristics, performance of press grinders OGM 1.5 and 2.0

Cast, cast iron housing, automatic lubrication system, bearing units from SKF. Collapsible noria, matrix for granulator GRAF (Germany) - distinctive features of the original Lithuanian granulators. The company manufactures agricultural machinery, fulfills orders for metal processing. Engine power 75-132 kW, capacity up to 5 tons for mixed feed / 1.5-2 tons for sawdust (dry grass). The equipment is manufactured on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.


Granulator OGM - purpose, maintenance, production

The first granulator is designed for the production of pellets from sawdust, grass meal, peat, straw, combined feeds, bran bran, husks, sugar industry wastes, cellulose fiber (waste paper), poultry manure. We provide a full range of services, including consulting on granulation technologies, planning, delivery, installation, commissioning of a press granulator, warranty / post-warranty service, provision of consumables (spare parts). There is a pellet mill for productivity testing. It is possible, in collaboration with long-term partners, to equip with various equipment to full feed lines (line pellets). We offer affordable prices for OGM 1.5 and 2.0 press granulators quick service!


Granules, feed, briquettes, additives

The granules are designed: heat-energy supply of microdistricts, boiler houses of housing and communal services; in boilers / fireplaces, heating of private houses; litter in stables, farms; vitaminized mixed fodder for farm animals; enhancer of mineral fertilizers; absorbent toilet of pets; additive GMA (gravel-mastic asphalt). By granulation is meant the processing of loose raw materials (or a variety of mixtures) to provide a certain form of food (small pieces of cylindrical shape having different lengths). The granulated substance has a higher quality, preserves all the nutritious, useful compounds. It does not cake, does not freeze, is most suitable for modern mechanized feeding technologies. Granulated food is quickly eaten, digested in the digestive tract.

An important factor in the use and production of mixed fodders is that when cooking it is always possible to balance nutritional (useful substances) by adding the necessary additives, such as vitamins, dietary supplements, medicines, etc.


Cooperation and contacts

We offer to buy granulator OGM 1,5 / 2.0 from a warehouse in Polotsk, Vitebsk region, Belarus at factory prices. Service, warranty / post-warranty service, spare parts. TC certificates | EU. Technologies for the manufacture of pellets from waste paper, sawdust, straw, compound feed and other materials.

Delivery of various machines in stock : straw choppers (grass cutters), crushers, drying complexes, waste paper shredders, conveyors, cyclones, packaging machines. Delivery of granulators, installation supervision across Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan. There are pellet presses, crushers, straw cutters, used drying complexes, as well as after major repairs. Matrix for granulator, rollers, shells of granulator german production Münch-Edelstahl GmbH From a warehouse in Polotsk or under the order.


Photo of a pellet mill



Drum dryer AVM - 0.65

Drum drying AVM-0.65 (Drum-type drying complex) Three running drum! Stainless steel interior. The drying complex has been completely restored and is ready to go. The efficiency and durability of work depends on the quality of restoration, many neglect this and face it already in the process of working with the repair of this equipment. We offer you a drying complex with a complete aggregate restoration with dismantling to a bolt and sandblasting, a guarantee.

The model of the AVM-0.65 drying complex was developed a long time ago and turned out to be very successful back in the USSR. Drying plant AVM-0.65 is a cost-effective solution for drying crushed raw materials with the best price-quality ratio.


Photo of drum dryer



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